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Salient Points for WATSN range of ATS (with inbuilt controller) and RTS (w/o controller) ….

  • Electrical and mechanical properties shall meet the requirements of IEC60947-6-1, and voltage, current, frequency and short-circuit withstand capabilities shall meet the system requirements; The ATS is mountable in any position i.e. upside down for ease of cable routing.
  • WATSN ATS is provided with solenoid drive, integrated type, three-position (Source1 / 2 and center off) and specific transfer switching equipment in 4 frame sizes i.e. 63A, 160A, 250A and 630A. The Type A controller of WATSN ATS in built in for all frames. The two sources can be isolated in the off position with a padlock. Utilization category to meet AC-33B (Suitable for most stringent mixed duty including motor loads transfer). Rated short time withstand current, which must be provided along with third party test report and in accordance with the value specified in in IEC 60947-6-1.
  • ATS shall ensure on load transfer between two low voltage power supply; Three operating modes: self-return, non-return and manual return should be field adjustable. parameters such as over/under voltage, transfer/retransfer delays shall be field adjustable as well. ATS shall be able to expand with RS485 communication module, which can ensure real-time transmission of communication data
  • ATS shall have generator start, stop control function; Auxiliary contacts to indicate mechanical positions shall be given to customer.
  • ATS shall not require additional device (except if Modbus module implemented), but one device can be provided for in-depth settings and other on-site operation, maintenance and commission.
  • Automatic transfer switch must comply with IEC 60947-6-1, and obtain CE certification and CB certification; The automatic transfer switch products shall pass the RoHS 2.0 standard certification of "Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment"。
  • Automatic transfer switch shall support the fire patrol signal test, and can be transferred to alternate power supply via remote control contact.
  • Automatic transfer switch product has the function of fire linkage control, to realize the emergency bypass of non-fire loads.


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WATSN Automatic Transfer

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