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Distribution Boards

Authorized Distributor of HAGER switchgear and switches. MCCBS, MCB, RCCB, ACCL, DISTRIBUTION BOARD, LED LIGHTING.

Hager India unveils novello+ range of distribution boards - absolute benchmark

Patented features of novello+ Distribution Boards:

  • Patented IP2x Neutral terminal with adjustable position and quarter turn screws for complete safety and flexibility
  • Patented double screw gland plate for quick removal and installation

The advantages for you:

  • Lab certified IP43 protection in double door versions. Achieved by dual neoprene gasket between door, frame & wall box.
  • Double packaging with additional door protection cover to ensure no damage till the final installation.
  • Easy upgradation of key lock from handle anytime after installation.
  • Unique adjustable cable management kit for reusability and flexibility.
  • Integrated spirit level for professional alignment and one man installation.
  • Anti wall insertion marking.
  • Cement spill protection.
  • Convenient 180° door opening.

Technical data :

  • Single Door: IP30.
  • Double Door: IP43 & IP54.
  • Plain & Acrylic doors.
  • Standard Accessories: Insulated Busbars, Interconnecting Wiresets, Blanking plates, Spirit level, Cable management kit, Exchangeable indication labels, Business card holder, IP2X.