Motorised COS

Motorised COS Dealer in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Motorised changeover switch from 125 to 1600 A

The SOCOMEC Motorized Changeover Switch is a motor operated 4 Pole changeover switch. It provides safe changeover giving two stable position I & II and help in changeover from one supply source to another remotely. In case of control supply failure, emergency handle arrangement is provided for manual operation of switch in “OFF” position or selecting the supply.


High Thermal and Dynamic withstand capacity
The product has been tested for high short-circuit withstand level, effectively managing the electrodynamics stresses encountered during faulty condition.

Proven technology
Two mechanically interlocked load break switches provide rapid switching, excellent dynamic withstand and a high number of operations.

Stable positions
The MCOS has three stable positions which are not affected by voltage drops or vibrations, thus protecting your load against network interference.

High Electrical and Mechanical endurance
The product has been specifically tested to endure high number of operating cycles, contributing to enhanced product life cycle performance.

Return to position 0
MCOS can be in “0” position only by manual operation through emergency handle, with provision of padlocking.