ATyS p M

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Automatic Transfer Switching Equipment from 40 to 160 A

ATyS p M are single-phase or three-phase automatic transfer switches with positive break indication.

Functions include ATyS t M and ATyS g M capability, with additional programmable parameters and a triggering function. A product model with communication is available. They are intended for use in low voltage power supply systems where a brief interruption of the load supply is acceptable during transfer.


Flexible programming
ATyS p M time delays and inputs/outputs are completely configurable, hence enabling the easy monitoring of specific applications (load shedding, test…) and the definition of an operating cycle specifically adapted to your application.

Trip function
ATyS p M provides a function for transferring the load to the 0 position in case of loss of both power supply sources (tripping). In this way the load is protected from issues due to source instability.

Communication and configuration
A specific version of ATyS p M is available with integrated Modbus communication. This gives acces to most product data (status, voltages, frequencies…). A user friendly configuration software is also available free (Easyconfig) to configure, view and save all the parameters in the ATyS p M.

Remote control interface
Specifically designed for installations where the product is enclosed, the remote interface displays product status on the front panel (D10) or displays and controls with access to programming (D20).