Bypass COS

Bypass changeover switch from 125 to 1600 A

The SOCOMEC bypass COS is a manually operated changeover switch. It is a combination of three interlocked switches enabling the use with 4 + 8 poles. It insulates by providing simultaneous safety isolation top and bottom and Bypassing loads of low voltage circuits mainly during maintenance operations.


High Thermal and Dynamic withstand capacity
The product has been tested for high short-circuit withstand level, effectively managing the electrodynamics stresses encountered during faulty condition.

Quick make break
The mechanical linkages are designed to be sturdy and fast acting, to take care of arching and stresses encountered during making and breaking operation.

Padlocking possible in all 3 positions, this features ensures protection against tampering with desired source selection position.

High Electrical and Mechanical endurance
The product has been specifically tested to endure high number of operating cycles, contributing to enhanced product life cycle performance.

Unique design of Terminals with integrated Spreaders, helps manage aluminum cable termination without need of phase barriers.