Fuse COS

Fuse changeover switch from 125 to 630 A

The SOCOMEC fuse COS is a manually operated 4 poles changeover with protective devices as HRC fuses mounted on the load side. The switch is provided with an isolating neutral and offers protection against overload and short-circuit in position I and II.


Guarantees sufficient air distance clearance
This features results in less heating of fuses and terminals, there by enhancing the product life cycle.

This feature gives a protection against overcurrent & short circuit fault by means of HRC Fuse links.

Strong endurance & Resistance to heat
The product has been tested for stringent operating conditions, giving peace of mind for the device and your installation over long periods of industrial usage

Line load interchangeability
This feature gives a flexibility to user to connect the incoming or outgoing either of the side of the switch

Termination without need of Phase barriers
By design , sufficient air distances have been maintained , thereby removing the need of having add-on phase separation barriers.

High thermal and dynamic withstand
The product has been tested for high short-circuit withstand level, effectively managing the electrodynamics stresses encountered during faulty condition