Manual Changover Switches (NEW)

Manual Changeover Switch Dealer

from 63 to 3200 A

SIRCOVER products are manually operated transfer switches with positive break indication. There are 3 ranges in the series:

  • SIRCOVER for open transition switching (I-0-II) available in 3 or 4 pole,
  • SIRCOVER for overlapping contact switching (I-I+II-II), For applications where both sources are synchronised and there is to be no interruption to the load supply during transfer - available in 3 or 4 pole,
  • SIRCOVER Bypass. This combination of three interlocked load break switches provides 3+6 or 4+8 poles for bypass applications.


A complete range
There are 3 SIRCOVER models to meet every need: The standard model I-0-II, the overlapping contact model I-I+II-II and the Bypass model.

Easy to connect
For ratings of 2000 to 3200 A, we offer copper bar connection pieces. This gives youthe option of different connection methods - flat, edgewise with top or bottom bridging.

Stable positions
SIRCOVER devices have three stable positions, unaffected by voltage fluctuations and vibrations, protecting your loads from network disturbances.

On-load and isolation switching
With its AC-23 and  AC-33 characteristics, tested according to standards IEC 60947-3 and IEC 60947-6-1, the SIRCOVER enables safe on-load switching for any type of load. With its on-load transfer capabilities, it is not necessary to isolate loads prior to transfer therefore the SIRCOVER offers an economical solution.